Foreign countries

'Puppettheatre Hans Schoen' performs abroad.

HUWEI - in 2015 the Puppet Theatre played eight performances at the 'YUNLIN INTERNATIONAL PUPPETTHEATRE FESTIVAL' in Huwei, Taiwan. The puppeteers were invited to perform 'Hansje, Pansje,...!' for toddlers, their parents and teachers.

The performance was in English and simultaneously translated by an interpreter into Chinese. The audience reacted spontaneously and after the performance a lot of children wanted to have their picture taken with the puppets and the puppeteers. It gives us great pleasure to know that throughout the world audiences react in the same way. Puppetry is indeed universal!

The international successful show 'Hansje, Pansje,...!' has been performed at festivals in South Korea, The Dutch Antilles and China. The theatre company have also performed at Festivals in the U.S.A., Ireland, Denmark and Sweden.

Photo: at the festival in Huwei, the performance was filmed and broadcasted in Taiwan.