Hansje, Pansje,...!

Today Hans (the puppeteer) is helping Pansje (the Gardner, a puppet) to tidy up the garden. He wants to get on with it, but Pansje is nowhere in sight. Where could she be?

What's it about?
There's a lot to do as there is a lot of stuff lying around: several tyres, a wooden stick and a ball. While playing, Hans discovers that you can do a lot of funny things with all stuff that is lying around. Eventually Pansje appears and they end up dancing.

A performance with lots of jokes, repetitions using simple language. The performance is accompanied by especially composed and attractive guitar music. The character Pansje is created during the performance using the stuff that is lying around. While Hans is tidying up he creates Pansje and she becomes visible.

It is a merry and colourful theatre performance for children in the age range 2,5 t/m 7 years and their parents. There are two puppets and one player.

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Director & technics:
Puppets & set:

Time to build up:
Time to break down:

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